Friday, June 04, 2010

Just Another Friday Night in Sydney

I think I'll start making my Friday Nights into Movie Nights or something. Hopefully, the next time, with a better show (and better neighbour). I had the unfortunate luck of randomly picking "Animal Kingdom", something I'd decided on a whim, 15 minutes before the show began, only to realize that it was an Australian film - less than 5 mins into the show, the accent and lousy plot were dead giveaways. As if that wasn't unbearable enough, the guy who sat 2 seats away had personal hygiene issues and wouldn't stop mumbling to himself. And then he tried to strike up a conversation, which quite obviously didn't last. Then he offered his hand for me to shake (after which I felt like disinfecting with some alcohol rub).


On the bright side, there seemed to be some event going on at the cinemas tonight. There was a group of ladies dancing near the ticket booth (some promotion, maybe? I did catch a glimpse of a promo poster that mentioned something about a film festival). It wasn't too bad - if you watched them individually, that is. As a group, however, it kinda sucked. No sign of synchronicity there, that's for sure - it was pretty much a mess of choreography, really. And then there was the thing that made my day/night! Cosplayers in bright blue and red (which looked like some sci-fi cross between aliens and actors from Star Trek) dancing energetically on a mini platform - and looking like they were having a hell of a time, too! LOL.

After I'd walked out from Animal Kingdom (about 30 mins into the movie), I encountered the Dancing Cosplayers again - this time, outside the cinema near the escalator. By then, they'd managed to get another fellow staff member to join in their dance routine. You wouldn't believe how cute it was :333 (If I had maybe another glass or two of plum wine I might've been tempted to join in :333)

On the way back to Central I encountered a group of teens in costumes, one of which was carrying a radio and blasting random tunes. On an average Friday Night I encounter about at least a group of Costumed Teens, something I'd known in the back of my mind but didn't bother gathering statistics on, at least until tonight.

What else? Oh yes, the rats. So far, on 2 Friday Nights I've spotted tiny rats scurrying along the train's rail tracks. The things I do when I'm bored.

My typical Friday Night.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nelson Bay and Hunter Valley pics

Our friend the Pelican. He was prowling the area scavenging food and literally walked off with an extremely lengthy fillet of salmon. I swear to god, the way he was carrying it off in his beak as he trotted down the platform, it was as if he was saying, "Heh. Suckers." XD

Yes, it is THE Cape XDDD

The cute alpacas on their way home from the Royal Easter Show

Spokesperson for the Whites and Sweets

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trinkets and stuff from Japan!

Mr Sponge XD

A cat cookie from the Maid Cookie colllection from Animate :P

Green tea-flavoured castella

Pig cake which tastes a little like mooncake

Maid cookie XD

Strawberry milk tea! ...But this one's from Cameron Highlands though lol

Random trinkets

My Kamikaze and Fighting Spirit Headbands =P

Mr Cat glass figurine

Nail clipper...Hello Kitty Shrine Maiden version lol

Ye Good Ole Watch

Introducing: The Goth Bunny!

Mr Bear
Status: Currently Missing =(

...I just realized that I lost my "I-have-no-figurines-therefore-I'm-not-an-otaku" excuse :S

Hiyoko XD

Tanuki-san :))


I couldn't help it XDDDDDDDDDD

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Japan trip :D *Updated!!*

Commentaries to come later! I'm too lazy to type them out atm... "=__=

Shinjuku station :D Our BFF whilst we were staying at the Shinjuku Washington Hotel...train rides + daily exercise woots

Our first meal in Takashimaya...Takai....Takashimaya lol

...Purple broccoli, which incidentally has absolutely nothing to do with Japan at all. Just wanted to post it on my blog. For LOLs. Mom said that they were a hybrid. "A hybrid with what? Eggplants?" I had asked in return.

Purplish dragonfruit. Also nothing in relation to Japan. LOL.

Green tea kit kat from Japan :))

Okay, so it's a little disgusting-looking. But I assure you, this gigantic green tea Pocky stick is extremely yummy

Green tea chocolate XD

The famous Tokyo conned :( After buying it happily at 1000 yen per box at the Tokyo Tower gift shop, my happiness was short-lived after I discovered that they sold it cheaper at the airport "-__-

Complementary cat tail that came with the cosplay outfit I bought. Muahahahahaha XD

All the little trinkets

The Sakura frappuccino from Starbucks. Heh.

The Love-Letter-like biscuit-y item

The Yakisoba Bread!! I felt obliged to try it after watching Yakitate Japan, but somehow it ended in the bin after one bite

Puck Burger scene

Lights at Mosaic St on the night we got conveniently lost *ahem*

The folks at some random restaurant in Sunshine City...I wrote my name on the waiting list. I got called "Sean-sama". Hahahahahah.

The only Gyudon I managed to have in Japan. It was at the airport, but it was surprisingly good. Darn. Now I wish that I could've tried the roadside one. In fact, we walked by Yoshinoya like a gazillion times but I never had the chance :((((

Final dinner in Shibuya. All-you-can-eat Sukiyaki for 2000 yen per person. LOL. Beef guy for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Shibuya 109. So much for covering all 10 floors (?I think there's 10 floors). We didn't even get to cover one :(

The front of Asakusa temple.

Tokyo Tower

The Condom Twins, mascots of the Tokyo Tower. Don't ask me why there's two of them when there's only one tower. Oh, and for those who are wondering, they're not really called that. They were just dubbed with that name by Yours Truly. Call it inspiration if you must.

Tsukiji Fish Market in Ginza

Cosplay outfit #1. So much easier to wear compare to mine. I want a swap NAO!!

Absolutely gorgeous cakes! Not to mention superbly fattening. Every second shop is either a bakery, crepe shop or some sweet/dessert-y place. How do the Japanese remain so skinny?? Most shops only have clothes up till the 'M' size argghhh.

My thumb beside the mini kimchi pizza slice.

Yakiniku at Jojo-en in...errr....hmmm. Well, in some departmental store. Toei? Seibu? Oh well.

Yes, the name of the store really is Condomania. All things Condom and Condom-related.

Takeshita Dori! A heaven-sent place in Harajuku

Meiji Shrine

Awkward family trip to Kabukicho at night. As in, majorly awkward. Super, majorly awkward, really. Especially since it's a redlight district area. We were sorta semi-playing the "Guess-the-pimp" game, but it was unbelievably easy, so we gave up.

Mosaic street again. Sorry. The pics are pretty much random.

Animate!! 8(?) floors of anime goodies! Woots

The melon pan!

Sis's favourite "Every-yaki" shop. We couldn't call it Takoyaki since it didn't just have the "Tako" had EVERYTHING from cheese, cabbage, mushrooms, corn etc etc, so it had to be Every-yaki instead. Heh.

In Akihabara

Ginza's Kabuk-za (theatre). We watched a performance (and probably would've stayed for another if we had seats instead of standing) for about 1100 yen per person (1400 for English audiophones with about 1000 yen refundable...but it's probably better enjoyed without the audiophones if you can understand just bits and pieces of Japanese). My sis filled out a questionnaire about the play.

Q1: What's your favourite quote?


My personal favourite has got to be the part whereby the Falconer scoots across towards good ol' Fubuki, turns his head towards her/him, and yells, "KATSU!!"

SHAMURAIII. With a "H". Heh.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. The Otoro.........

Premium fatty tuna. Medium fatty tuna. And fatty tuna. Multiple serves of each, please. Might I add that since they were conveniently located within the fish market the cost of each sushi was double the normal price?